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Over There: WWI and Jamestown Exhibit

After receiving news that the United States Congress had declared war on April 6, 1917, the City of Jamestown sprang into action. From it’s school children to it’s factories, bankers, and laborers to it’s City leaders – everyone did their bit. Over There: WWI and Jamestown takes an intimate look at how WWI impacted the City of Jamestown specifically and gives a brief overview of what drove America to war after it’s initial reluctancy.

Over There: WWI and Jamestown features uniforms, American Legion history, letters sent from the battlefield (along with the soldier’s personal effects), artifacts from the War and many local references to Jamestown’ activities and people. The official dedication of this exhibit took place on April 5 at 6 PM on the eve of 100th anniversary of the day that the United States officially entered WWI. The exhibit will stay on display until September 23rd.

Pictured: Parade on Main Street, Jamestown, New York circa 1920