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The Lost 74 Soldiers of the Vietnam War

The public is invited to join us April 19 at 2 PM in welcoming Randy Henderson of Mayville, New York, whose brother was killed during the early morning hours on June 3, 1969 aboard the American destroyer USS Frank E. Evans along with 73 other U.S. soldiers, who are now recognized as the Lost 74 Soldiers of the Vietnam War.

At the time the 74 soldiers were killed, the destroyer was engaged in SEATO exercise Sea Spirit off the coast of Vietnam. After a direct collision, the destroyer was cut in half by the Australian aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne. Because the collision occurred outside of the designated war zone, the names of the 74 soldiers who were killed have not been added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (the Vietnam Wall) in Washington, D.C.

Terry Lee Henderson

Terry Lee Henderson, RD3, was the only soldier from Chautauqua County amongst the Lost 74. Terry graduated from the Westfield Academy and Central School in 1965.  The collision took place fifty days before what would have been Terry Lee Henderson’s 22nd birthday.

Randy, his mother, and the family members of the Lost 74 Soldiers of the Vietnam War have made it their life work to ensure that all 74 soldiers are one day included on the Vietnam Veteran Memorial wall in Washington, D.C.

In addition to sharing the details of his personal experience with the loss of his brother and how it has affected his family personally, Randy will speak on behalf of the other families of the Lost 74 Soldiers of the Vietnam War. The families of the Lost 74 meet annually and have made an active commitment to this cause. Randy Henderson will have several copies of the book “American Boys: The True Story of the Lost 74 of the Vietnam War by Louise Esola for sale after his talk.

The talk will take place in the Fenton History Center’s dining room. While there is no cost to attend this talk, donations will be graciously accepted.

Pictured: Photo NH: #98649: Helicopters fly near the stern of the USS Frank E. Evans, after she was cut in two in a collision