Saturday Walking Tours

Walking tours will take place the last Saturday of the month, beginning in May and ending in September. This year’s walking tours will include Jamestown’s Lakeview Loop, Jamestown’s Historic Downtown, Jamestown’s Hidden Alleys, Jamestown’s Churches, and Jamestown’s Southside.

Historic Downtown Jamestown, Jamestown’s Hidden Alleys, Jamestown’s Churches and Jamestown’s Southside will meet at the Fenton History Center at 12:45 PM, while the Jamestown’s Lakeview Loop is to meet outside of the Lake View Cemetery Association’s office located on the corner of Buffalo Street and Lakeview Avenue.

*Please take notice that Lakeview Avenue was added to the list of Historic Places in 2017, this means that the Lakeview Loop walking tour will be in popular demand.

Jamestown’s Churches: May 27, June 24, July 22, September 2

Jamestown’s Hidden Alleys: June 29

Historic Downtown Jamestown: June 10, July 8, August 19

The Lakeview Loop: June 17, July 15, August 12, September 9

Jamestown’s Southside: July 1, August 26