Fenton Genealogy Support Group at the Hall House

The Fenton Genealogy Support Group at the Hall House serves as an educational offering, features invaluable lectures and discussions, and is an excellent way to become familiar with the Hall House’s impressive collection of resources. From its extensive library of publications pertaining to Jamestown, Chautauqua County, and the northeastern United States to its extensive selection of pre-compiled family files to its cutting edge genealogical software, the Hall House is a dream come true to those interested in tracing their family tree and those interested in advanced research. No research project is too big or too small to tackle with the help of the Hall House’s friendly and knowledgeable staff and volunteers.

Although the Fenton Genealogy Support Group is one of the many features of a Fenton History Center membership, anyone who is interested in genealogy and historical research is encouraged to attend one or two meetings on a trial basis. The group meets the last Wednesday of each month in the Hall House Research Center library. Please call (716) 665-6256 for additional information or to learn more about a Fenton History Center membership. 

Hall House Research Center Calendar of Events 2016 – 2017

January 25th from 6 PM to 8 PM: Fenton Genealogy Support Group: DNA Part II: Have you considered DNA testing? Are there loop holes in your family tree? If you answered yes to either question, you will not want to miss January’s monthly Fenton Genealogy Support Group meeting at the Hall House: DNA Part II on January 25th at 6 PM. Andrew Kolstee will pick up where he left off with: DNA Part I. All interested persons are encouraged to attend even if they did not attend July’s DNA Part I meeting.

Part I Recap: July 27, 2016: DNA Part I: Andrew Kolstee, Fenton History Center Board of Trustee and Research Center Volunteer, and his audience interactively discussed the fundamentals associated with genetic testing as a genealogical tool. Kolstee explained that DNA testing is often the only way to move past a “brick wall” in genealogical research. He also pointed out that, more and more individuals who are confident of an “absolute traced lineage” are regularly being disproved by formal DNA testing. At the end of the meeting, the group discussed how DNA testing can be applied to confirm or disprove questions that have been passed down through the generations.

February 15th and 22nd at 6:30 PM: Winter Trivia Tournament @ SHAWBUCKS: It is not too late to be in the running for the grand prize! Two preliminary game nights remain (February 15th and 22nd) before the grand prize round that is to follow the contest on the 22nd. Weekly winners will receive a gift certificate to a local restaurant and the winners of the grand prize round will walk away with $400!

Congratulations to the Effin Judo Chop team: Sebastian and Leslie DiNapoli and Adam and Bill Loftus, our undefeated preliminary champions thus far!

The only cost to play is a donation within your means. All donations benefit the Fenton History Center directly. Spectators are welcome. Doors open every Wednesday night in February at Shawbucks at 4 PM and games begin promptly at 7 PM. Stop in to enjoy dinner and an entertaining evening for an excellent cause!

Teams of 2 to 4 persons should generate a team name and register by 6:30 PM at SHAWBUCKS prior to each game night that the team wishes to participate in. Trivia questions will cover all categories, may include some history questions, but generally will not be focused on history.

Smart phones and other electronic devices will not be permitted during this event. A donation within your means is the only cost to play. *Teams must win one of the preliminary games in order to be entered in the grand prize round for a chance to win $400.

The Fenton History Center would like to thank its Winter Trivia Tournament @ SHAWBUCKS sponsors to date: Ahlstrom-Schaeffer Electric Corporation, Farm Fresh Foods, Glatz Agency, Pepsi of Jamestown, Rhoe B. Henderson Insurance Agency, and the Shults Auto Group for making this event possible!

February 23rd at 6 PM to 8 PM: Fenton Genealogy Support Group: Basic Organization and Software: Has your family research become difficult to manage? Would you like to simplify your study through the use of genealogical software? February’s meeting will cover basic organization and software.

Individuals who are interested in becoming part of the Fenton Genealogy Support Group at the Hall House are encouraged to attend. The Fenton Genealogy Support Group is a feature of a Fenton History Center Membership. Call (716) 664-6256 for details.