Vets Finding Vets Host Trip to Buffalo Naval & Military Park

On Saturday, June 24th, the Fenton History Center program, Vets Finding Vets, hosted a long-awaited bus trip to the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park in Buffalo, New York.

Blue skies, sunshine, amazing ships, compelling Museum exhibits, and camaraderie all day long- who could ask for anything more? A good time was had by all.  Anyone looking for a family destination this summer should seriously consider visiting the Buffalo Naval & Military Park. 

The group consisted of 18 veterans, which included 6 WWII Veterans, 8 additional guests who accompanied the veterans in attendance and  Vets Finding Vets Project Coordinator Barb Cessna. (See photographs from the June 24th below.)

Vets Finding Vets 

Veterans, from any war or conflict, are encouraged to contact the Fenton History Center to become a part of Vets Finding Vets.  No past experience in research is required and, best of all, the program is free to all enrolled veterans.  The group meets regularly  to help enrolled veterans trace their families history, look up old service buddies, flesh out the service records for other veterans in their families and help with other projects pertaining to veterans.

Vets Finding Vets host the Fenton Canteen on the second Saturday of every month, a wide array of public events and facilitates a number of bus trips each year.

Currently, the group meets at the Fenton History Center’s research center, located at 73 Forest Avenue in Jamestown, New York in the historic Hall House.  This location is handicap accessible and service dogs are welcome.

Vets Finding Vets looks forward to expanding its group and to facilitating more trips like the June 24th visit to the Naval & Military Park!

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Bill Graves and VFV Project Coordinator Barb Cessna

Bill Graves, Dave and Marilyn Riotto, Bill Smith

Steve Frankson, Winston Frankson, Marty Hagstrom
Front- Irene Kent, Omer Post, John Collins, Mark Collins, Bill Karasek, Ralph Robinson, Paul Arnone, Jack Anderson, and Dan Zepka.

WWII Fathers and Sons: From left: Buz and Bill Graves, Steve and Winston Frankson, Ralph and Dale Robinson

Veterans and their guests between the missile launchers on the fantail of the USS Little Rock

Tour group having lunch on the fantail of the USS Little Rock

Looking down on the USS Sullivan from the USS Little Rock

Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park in Buffalo, New York.