Vets Finding Vets

Veterans, from any war or conflict, are encouraged to contact the Fenton History Center to become a part of Vets Finding Vets.  No past experience in research is required. 

The program is free to all enrolled veterans.  Plans are underway to expand the program to include a facilitated book discussion and to make use of the City of Jamestown’s Veterans database.  The Fenton History Center research center, located at 73 Forest Avenue, is handicap accessible. Service dogs are welcome.  Vets Finding Vets looks forward to expanding its group! 

For more information about the Vets Finding Vets program and to find out how to enroll please call the Fenton History Center at 664-6256 during hours of operation or email:  The Fenton History Center is open Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM.  Please call ahead to confirm research center hours before visiting the Hall House on a Saturday.

For any who are interested in looking through, or contributing to, the Chautauqua County Veterans Memorial Commission database, the website can be accessed through this at If you see an error in anything in the database, please let the Fenton know! We are trying to make sure the database is fully accurate, but can always use your help. Reach out to with any comments or corrections.


Vietnam Memorial Wall of Faces Update:

Photos of Charles T. Thielges and Dahl LaPorte have been located! A special thank you to anyone who may have contributed to contacting the fallen soldiers’ families.

To see the 37 soldiers included from Chautauqua County visit:


Help the Fenton History Center share the story of local veterans. We would like to help loved ones honor veterans (both living and fallen) who are close to their heart. All submitted items will be passed on to the Fenton History Center’s Chautauqua County Military Collection, allowing each veteran’s story/memory to live on indefinitely.

Those who would like to submit military documentation, photographs, stories, and other related information to the Chautauqua County Military Collection should contact by email or call (716) 664-6256 Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM.

Please note all original items will be scanned and returned unless it is specified that the original is to become the property of the Chautauqua County Military Collection by its owner.


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